7 Pieces of Advice From Your Real Estate Agent

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7 Pieces of Advice From Your REALTOR®

How to Stay Sane in Today’s Real Estate Market

Your Real Estate Agent is really important - Choose wisely.

1. It is really important to be working with the correct real estate agent, someone who has local knowledge and has lived in the area for a considerable amount of time. An experienced agent is worth their weight in gold. The right choice of REALTOR® can be the difference between winning a bid and losing your dream home. In today’s market, can you afford to take that chance? Interview your agent. 

2. Prepare to purchase property from the get go. Choose a great lender and be preapproved. Have all your finances in order and be ready to buy, even if it is day one of the search. When you see a home you like - if you decide to sleep on it - you may not sleep in it! The market is that hot! Make a list of all the “must haves” in your home. Also make a list of the “nice to haves.” If the home ticks the boxes on your must-have list, then it's a good idea to put this home at the top of your serious consideration list. You're “nice to have a list” if the home has a number of those items, this may be the home that you should be seriously considering. Of course, you must like the home. After all you are going to be living there for a considerable amount of time. So I'm going yeah I have a vet a good run I'm at the end of my run

3. Be available. Homes sell really quickly, so be available to look as soon as possible. Your agent will set up a listing alert so that when a property hits the market you will get a text or email to say it’s available. If the property looks like a fit, contact your agent to set the appointment and get out to see it straight away.

4. Be patient. It may take several offers before you win  bid. Rely on your agent, they have the experience that you need.

5. Don’t worry. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Your agent will help you find the correct property.

6. There are always options. There are always options available if we don't come up with a plan A - plan B will be will be next

7. Be flexible. Sometimes you have to pivot and change direction - you will find the right property in the end. 

Your experienced agent knows what to do and how to do it. They have been through many different market conditions and they are able to guide you to win that dream home.