Challenging Year?

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Real Estate

When life happens and we realize that things are out of control we know that there is no way out - we have to move on through it.


Let's Look Back Over 2020. (It was a crazy year.)

- Politically it was a challenge all the way round and no one has come out a clear winner. We are a divided country.

- COVID-19 spent the year testing our every move - what about the year to come - is it more of the same?

- We became work from home guru's

- Our kids were house bound and school was done on their computers at home.

- Our phenomenal Teachers had to become work from home experts and learn online tutoring at the speed of lightening! We adore you!

- The biggest war being fought all year was by our medical workers across the board. There is still no light at the end of their tunnel. Bravo - you are true heroes.

- The shop assistants and front line staff are still trying to make life easier in difficult circumstances.They are awesome - thank you!

- The people in uniform are always there to serve and protect our country and us. They have been stalwarts of survival. Thank you for your service - we appreciate you!

- We have lost loved ones to illness - some under painful circumstances where we have not even been able to visit. That challenges our very Soul's.

- People are lonely and need to know they are loved. Reach out today to someone in your contact book - they need you.

- In real estate the lessons were many.


What Did We Learn?

We learnt that we are so resilient. We are adaptable human beings with survival instincts in place. We continue to do what we need to, ensuring a way forward.

Our lives may be different but we can cope. We have been there before and we are able to get through this, no matter what. 


Real Estate

Our market is very busy and 2020 was a fantastic year for me personally. I think that 2021 will have some challenges, however I am optimistic that we will continue to see a booming market

- Video and images have become a most important in real estate marketing. Quality photos and videography are top of the list this year as more and more people spend time searching online before venturing out to view homes

- Marketing organically is of prime importance

- Compassion and understanding with buyers and sellers is more prevalent than ever

- Education is key to a good real estate practice


How Is My Business Different?



Most agents simply list homes. I market them.

From listing to closing, my team and I are committed to working closely with you to navigate the entire sale process; taking the time and using my expertise to understand the unique selling points of your home and neighborhood.

Through our marketing efforts we will target specific buyers based upon who is most likely to want your home. We will advise you about the home repairs and improvements that will maximize your asking price.

We will advertise your home through a variety of marketing options, through my personal sphere, then locally, nationally, and internationally.

I have a full team of professionals to help you get your home out there. From my amazing photographer and videographer, my marketing team, my connections and my client concierge - we know how to look after you!

My entire focus is on your complete satisfaction. More than 80% of my business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Good service speaks for itself.



When purchasing a home, the biggest investment you will ever make, don't leave this to the inexperienced agent to negotiate for you. Today, you want to be savvy and competitive to win the home you want in this crazy market.

Every home that is priced well has multiple offers - do you want to be on the losing end or the winner of the transaction. My expertise speaks for itself. I have won several transactions with smart thinking and careful wording.

My clients seldom lose in a multiple offer situation. Planning and timing are extremely important. Let me help you. I will be with you every step of the way and you will not be lost in the sea of buyers wanting to purchase a home.

Inventory is low and I am here to help you get the home of your dreams.


As we move forward in this year I trust that life is good to you. May we have less stress, a more normal lifestyle and a family of people to love and help us.

God Bless.


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