How To Choose "Your" Real Estate Agent

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How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent To Work For You

Here are some of the most important things to consider and when choosing the Real Estate Broker to represent you in a real estate transaction

New Agent vs Experienced 
When considering a Real Estate Broker, are you looking for an agent with a great deal of experience or would you be prepared to consider a newer agent? Sometimes the newer agents have more time to spend with you and will make a point of being really good at their job, while the experienced agent will bring knowledge to the table. If choosing an experienced agent, look for the top agents who have the most closed transactions over the last year. Take into account an agent who works in a lower price range may possibly have more sales than one who works in luxury, and that needs to be taken into consideration when researching their transactions.

Check out the reviews on popular websites like Trulia, Google etc Look for words like honesty, a good listener, great communicator or similar. Read several reviews. If there is a less than perfect one and you happen to relate to the agent, ask why that particular one was not so good. Its good to hear another aspect and let the response to the question be one of your deciding factors.

Ask family and friends who they have worked with and who they could refer. Find out what they liked most about that particular agent. Visit open houses and ask the real estate agent questions to see how knowledgeable he/she is. Sometimes its best to choose a local agent, one who has thorough knowledge of an area that you are considering living in. 

Interview a Few Agents:
Interview agents and see who shares your mindset and who understands your needs, someone who is a good listener. A real estate broker who owns their own home will be able to answer your questions from a true perspective. Establish his/her greatest strength is and apart from honesty and integrity, which is the most important factor, what else makes them different from other agents. 

Check references. A good agent will happily share their last 4 or 5 references with you
Choose a smart negotiator, someone who will fight for you in a transaction.

You need an agent who is level headed and will deal with your emotional rollercoaster with an objective view. You must be able to trust your agent explicitly. After all, this may be the single biggest investment of your life. Find the right balance and choose a real estate broker with credentials who complement your style and your ethic. How tech savvy is the real estate agent? In todays market, it is important for an agent to have an up to date website with great content, one who uses social media to keep current in the real estate market place.

It's a big decision to find a home and an important one to work with someone who can share your chemistry and your dreams.

My experience speaks volumes and I would love to assist you in your home buying or selling process. Please interview me.