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Whether you are buying or selling a home, it pays to use a local agent with local knowledge. A local agent knows what is happening in his or her area, and has a well-established local network of people to work with. A local agent will be able to analyze things like local services information (about education, schools, local amenities and so on), local demographics, and house-price information that is relevant to the area. Local agents are a wealth of information and as natives to the area they can assist with so much more than a home sale or purchase.

Working with a local agent with local knowledge does not in any way imply small and parochial. Even major international property chains prefer to work with local agents who have good knowledge of the area in which they live and operate. So the fact that the agent you choose to work with is a local agent will usually work in your favor. 

Of course you need to be sure that the property person you choose to work with is an experienced professional, and somebody who will have your interests at heart. A good local agent will be able to accurately assess the market in your area and evaluate your property in relation to the other houses that have sold, and are for sale, where you live. Ultimately that means the best price possible for buyer and seller.

My name is Susan Johnson and I am native to the area. I live, work and play here. My kids have gone to the local schools and I serve the Planning Board for the Town of Cornelius. I know the locals - mostly by name and I have been a member of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce for many, many years. If you are buying or selling a home in the Lake Norman area - this is where I run my business and live local.

Please call or text me 704-651-9023 or email susan@homecarolinas.com