T'is the Holiday Season Dilemma - Sell or Wait?

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As the holiday season approaches, homeowners contemplating a move often grapple with the decision of whether to sell now or wait until the festivities are over. Some sellers may even consider temporarily withdrawing their listings until the new year. However, it's essential to recognize that, contrary to common belief, there are compelling reasons to consider selling your house during this festive time.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn't postpone selling your home:


The desire to own a home doesn't take a holiday break. While some buyers might postpone their moving plans until January, many are motivated by specific life changes and are actively seeking homes during this season. According to Investopedia, those searching for a home between Thanksgiving and New Year's are likely serious buyers, potentially leading to a quicker sale.

Limited Inventory:

Despite a slight increase in the supply of homes for sale, overall inventory remains lower than pre-pandemic levels. This scarcity could work to your advantage. Pricing your house at market value, especially when aligned with current buyer preferences, may result in a speedy sale, given the heightened demand for housing options.

Flexible Showing Times:

Selling during the holidays allows you to determine the days and times that best suit your schedule, minimizing disruptions during this busy time of the year. Buyers may also demonstrate more flexibility in touring houses, given the increased time off around the holidays.

Festive Appeal:

Homes adorned with holiday decorations often strike a chord with buyers, making it easier for them to envision creating their own cherished memories in the space. The key is to ensure that decorations complement, rather than overpower, the home's features.

In essence, putting your house on the market during the holiday season offers several advantages. If you're contemplating a sale, let's explore whether this festive season is the best time for you to make a move. Your unique home and the warmth it exudes during the holidays might be precisely what a motivated buyer is looking for.

Let me help you determine if now is the right time for you to sell your home.