What Worries You Most In A Real Estate Transaction

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Sellers Worry About:

Sellers always worry that their highest bid selection from multiple offers was the right one.

Your experienced REALTOR® will help you alleviate all your fears. When your agent went through all the offers you received on the property, they will have eliminated the less desirable offers and continued on evaluating the rest. The winning bid would be solid, however many unforeseen things can happen. Most times your experienced agent will help you choose two of the best unaccepted offers and ask for back up agreements. There is always a plan. If your agent is confident - you can sleep well at night.

Buyers Worry About:

Buyers are worried that they are overspending on their property purchase and that they may not be able to sell the home for more money than they purchased it for.

Your REALTOR® will help you pay a fair price in this market. If you need to sell your home within a year of purchase it may be an issue to make a profit. Most homes need 3-5 years to see good equity growth, even in a "normal" market. If you follow stats over the years you will see that it takes several years to make a good profit. If you have paid a fair price and the appraiser was confident, you really do not need to worry. The lender has the same risk as you and he has done his homework.

Have confidence in Experience Real Estate Agent. They have the knowledge to help you.