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Wireless In Home Automated System: The Future Today

Integrated wireless in home systems are a must have for modern home owners. A wireless system means that your home is controlled by electronics - a computer or device and via blue tooth technology. Apart from peace of mind smart homes make life so much easier. Many of us already have a number of items that we use every day already without even realizing technology is simplifying our lives.

Many luxury homes have in home automation however the tech savvy individual in the market today is looking for more than even the basic systems. Gartner Research indicates that a family home could contain more than 500 “smart” devices. Can you imagine trying to organize and optimize up to 500 smart devices? Let's start with a basic wireless in home automation technology that every home should have. 

  • Music
  • Television
  • Lighting
  • security
  • climate
  • window treatments
  • pool
  • garden watering and lighting
  • surveillance
  • door access
  • gate access
  • heating systems
  • home locks
  • cook top
  • extractor fan
  • washer
  • dryer
  • dishwasher
  • thermostats
  • garage door openers
  • refrigerators
  • smart vacuum
  • pet camera's
  • pet treat distributor
  • smart air purifier
  • heating and cooling
  • hot water heater
  • smart plugs
  • coffee machines
  • instapot
  • microwave.
  • bed
  • baby monitor and a
  • white noise machine and
  • light dimmers.
  • heated toilet seats
  • Toilet smart seat lid
  • smart shower
  • voice activated bath water fill system
  • smart stationery bicycle
  • smart treadmill
  • smart scale
  • outdoor grill
  • outdoor weber
  • robot lawnmower
  • doorbell
  • home theater
  • mood enhancers
  • whole house energy management

Some technology has been around for a long time already, however the technology keeps improving and becoming more advanced as time progresses. In the past people were scared to rely on technology, today we cannot live without it. 

With the cost of embedded microchips for electronic devices falling the super-space-age homes once found only in Woody Allen movies are now becoming common in the American suburbs.

The automated-home industry currently generates in excess of $30 billion in sales annually.

Smart homes can be equipped to accept all entertainment systems/distribution services giving homeowners maximum freedom and flexibility to direct audio and video services on demand, or via a device to all or one outlet in the home from the bedroom to the home theater.

When you buy or sell a home, make sure you have the basic technology systems in place in order to get the maximum return from your investment. The tech savvy buyer may choose one home over the other because their tech needs are important.

How many wireless in home automated systems do you have in your home. You may be surprised when reading this list just how many you already have. Most items can be diy projects that can take a short time to install and activate and it could make the bottom line to your equity grow considerably.

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